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We're building a comprehensive library of resources and tool to spread a transformative vision for humanity's relationship to land. Check out our videos, toolkits, templates, handouts, blog posts, books, and more below! 

Resources for Radical Real Estate Projects

🧰 Legal toolkits to help you liberate land: Seeds of Land Return Toolkit (2022)
📄 How to Start a Permanent Real Estate Cooperative (2002)
📖 Sample Rematriation Easement (2022) (template)
📝 How to Transfer Real Estate Without Professionals (2022) (bite-sized legal guide)
📝 How to Get Property Tax Welfare Exemption (2022) (bite-sized legal guide)
▶️ Legal Structures for Radical Real Estate (2 hour teach-in)
▶️ Part 1 of the Radical Homeownership (webinar)
▶️ Part 2 of the Radical Homeownership (MCLE) 
📄 Nonprofit or Cooperative for Radical Real Estate Projects? (handout to help you figure out if you should form a nonprofit or housing coop)
📄 Template: Sharing Agreement for Co-housing Projects (contract template with catroons)
🧰 Cohousing Toolkit
⏺ More Radical Real Estate Law School Webinars (event recordings)
▶️ Permanently protecting community assets from sale (short cartoon workshop)
The Pathologies of Homeownership (short cartoon)
📄 Sample: Cartoon Bylaws of East Bay Permanent Real Estate Cooperative (sample bylaws)
🧰 Fair & Just Commercial Lease Toolkit
📚 Resource library: www.CommunityHousingLaw.org
📰 Now is the time to take radical steps toward housing equity YES! Magazine article

Nurturance Lawyering

▶️ Nurturance Lawyering: How to Bring Connection and Healing To Our Work in Challenging Times (30 min cartoon) 
Join this community: www.Law4EconomicDemocracy.org
📝 Legal structures for social transformation (short article)
▶️ Structuring Your Law Practice (1 hour cartoony workshop)
🧭 Visual Guide to Decommodifying the Law
🐙 How octopuses can inspire legal documents
▶️ The Legal Roots Of Resilience (4 min cartoon)
▶️ Black Women Lawyers Matter (interview series)
📝 Three Legal Principles for Rebuilding the Commons (article)
📖 Practicing Law in the Sharing Economy (book)
▶️ Legal Structures for Economic Transformation (1 hour cartoony workshop)
▶️ A New Meaning to Equity (45 min keynote)
▶️ Economy Sandwich (9 min cartoon)
▶️ Law as Commons (5 min cartoon)

Our Blog Posts

📝 Patches of Aliveness
📝 Mutuality Month Recap and Resources
📝 The Forbidden Eroticism of Real Estate
📝 Private Property is a Fictitious Notion
📝 #RadicalRealEstateWeek Recap 
📝 Social housing is the only way forward
📝 Teachgiving
📝 A Life (un)Determined by Borders: Healing with the land and with Each Other
📝Organize, Reach Out, Assemble, GROW!

Food, farming, & compost law: 

▶️ A Scary Carrot Story: Compost Law & the Future of Our Soil (cartoon)
▶️ Compost Law Basics (cartoon)
Resource library: www.CompostLaw.org 
Resource library: www.UrbanAgLaw.org 
Guidebook: Legal Eats: Legal Resources for Food Justice Enterprises
▶️ 6 Ways a Food Cooperative Can Change the Economy
▶️ Playlist of videos on food justice enterprises

Community-owned solar:

▶️ About People Power Solar Cooperative (short cartoon)
▶️ Video about People Power’s first project 
📄 Cartoon Bylaws of People Power Solar Cooperative, and one of their cartoon site host agreements
▶️ Community-Owned Renewable Energy Puzzle (cartoon)
▶️ The Story of the Permanent Community Energy Cooperative (short cartoon)
▶️ Energy is Like WHOA! (short cartoon)
▶️ Building Grassroots-led Community-owned Energy Projects

Money & finance:

🧰 Collection of Resources: Funding for Economic Democracy Toolkit (2022)
🧰 Guidebook:
Mutual Aid Legal Toolkit
▶️ Mutual Aid and the Law (video)
▶️ Legal Frontiers of Foundation Investments (cartoon)
▶️ A cartoony video relentlessly – but also seriously – poking at the prudent man rule 
▶️ Tax categories explained by cake! (short cartoon workshop)
▶️ Cartoons explaining financial regulation (10 min cartoon)
How the Law Center distributes financial management
▶️ Short cartoon workshops about securities offering documents: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
▶️ Black Capital Matters! (interview series)
A cartoon on financial audits
▶️ A cartoon on nonprofit 990 tax returns
▶️ Short cartoon on self-directed retirement investments
❤️ Join this community to get resources on retirement savings: www.TheNextEgg.org 
📖 Guidebook: Grassroots financing for CA farmers
▶️ Community Investment Funds (webinar)
▶️ Securities law basics (short cartoon)


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