Coop Resources Coordinator [Contract]

We are looking for an independent contractor to help us coordinate and  implement resource projects that will help to cultivate an integrated cooperative ecosystem of democratic, worker controlled enterprises that empower people marginalized by the dominant economy. Specifically, we are looking for someone to organize, update, and promote the Law Center’s online Cooperative (Co-op) Resources. 

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Other Openings:

Equal Justice Works and Skadden Fellowship Applicants:

Hey there 3L law students, recent graduates, and experienced attorneys! Do you have a specific project idea that advances the Law Center's mission to provide legal education, research, advice, and advocacy for just and resilient economies? If so, consider applying for a funded fellowship through Equal Justice Works, Skadden Fellowship Foundation, or other similar organization to work with the Law Center. We are particularly interested in proposals that achieve the following goals:

  • Envisioning more just and resilient economic and legal systems;
  • Identifying and advocating for public policies that remove legal barriers to resilient communities while maintaining and strengthening worker, consumer and environmental protections;
  • Empowering community-based entrepreneurs and innovators to create replicable legal structures that will form the blueprints of the new economy;
  • Educating communities and law-makers about the potential of new economic strategies; and
  • Training the next generation of community-based lawyers to meet the burgeoning legal needs of resilient communities everywhere.

Submit a brief proposal to [email protected] with "Fellowship Proposal" in the subject line and we'll get back to you in a timely manner to let you know if we'd like to further explore the opportunity. 

**Please Note: Proposals received by July 15, 2021 will receive priority consideration**

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