Legal Fellowship

About the Legal Fellowship:

Meeting the legal needs of local sustainable economies requires that lawyers blaze new career paths and establish transactional law practices aimed at providing services to cooperatives, community-owned enterprises, urban farms, local currencies, land trusts, and so on. In order to foster this growing community of lawyers, Sustainable Economies Law Center encourages lawyers of all experience levels who are intend to meet those legal needs by starting new law practices, legal nonprofits, or other projects to apply to become a Sustainable Economies Law Fellow if they would benefit from the support the fellowship offers. The purpose of the fellowship is to provide training, mentorship, and other resources to attorneys beginning new law practices, legal nonprofits, and other projects to serve the legal needs of local sustainable economies. The underlying goal of the program is to meet the legal needs of the growing sustainable economy movement.  

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Fellows will receive at least 25 hours of free classroom training (CLE credit may be available), will receive mentorship from staff and volunteer attorneys, and may take part in a variety of hands-on learning and networking opportunities offered at the Law Center. Legal Fellows, once accepted, may retain the title of Legal Fellow and participate actively in the program for as long as they find it useful and relevant to their work contributing to local, sustainable, resilient, sharing economies.

Why: We recognized the need for this fellowship program when we realized that the vast majority of new law grads are reluctant to create these new programs on their own. The ABA recently reported that 45% of law school graduates were unable to find legal work within one year after graduating. Many of these new graduates have chosen to take non-legal jobs, rather than to create programs serving the needs of local sustainable economies. This fellowship program will provide training and support to attorneys and new graduates, serving as a launch pad for the creation of new law practices, legal nonprofits, and other programs throughout the country.

Who: New law school graduates and experienced attorneys from the U.S. who are starting new law practices, legal nonprofits, or other programs to meet the legal needs of the growing sustainable economy movement are welcomed to apply.

When: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis and a person may become a fellow at any time of the year. Once someone becomes a fellow, they may remain a fellow until the Law Center or the fellow decide to terminate the relationship. Fellows receive support and training through workshops and mentorships during their first year and are encouraged to give back in subsequent years to new fellows by hosting trainings, providing mentorship, and sharing information with each other.

Where: Classroom training will be provided at or near the Sustainable Economies Law Center's office in Oakland, and/or virtually. Bay Area Fellows will also be invited to attend our weekly Resilient Communities Legal Cafes in Berkeley and Oakland, in order to observe legal advice in action and to gain hands-on experience under the guidance of experienced attorneys.

How to Apply:

Fellows will be accepted on a rolling basis. Please send a resume and 1-2 page cover letter to  In the cover letter, please tell us what motivates you to serve the needs of local sustainable economies, and also describe the law practice, legal nonprofit, or other project you are working to build. What would be the goals of the project or law practice? Who would you serve? What areas of law would it involve? Feel free to send links or attach articles or other writing that help us to understand your interests and goals. Please note that it may take us some time to process your application, we appreciate your patience while you wait to hear from us. 


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