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Energy and energy law are such complicated topics that we've often turned to making cartoons about it. Here's a collection of videos where Janelle Orsi shares her grapplings with the field of energy democracy:

Fields of Energy Democracy | 2022 | grapples with what “energy democracy” means and describe four fields where we can cultivate meaningful democracy.

Land Return as Energy Justice | 2022 | describes how our insights have led the Law Center to center a lot of our energy work on land return to Black and Indigenous people and on cultivating deeply participatory organizations.

Making Sense of a World with Purple Squirrels | 2022 | confronts the reality that renewable energy development will barely scratch the surface of emission-reduction goals, which leads to the conclusion that we need to transform our lives in much deeper ways.

Building Grassroots-Led and Community Owned Energy Projects | 2018 | unpacks the concept of community-owned energy and was delivered by Janelle Orsi at a day-long gathering of climate justice leaders exploring barriers to and opportunities for the development of community-owned energy.

Introducing People Power Solar Cooperative | 2017 | introduces the concept for what eventually became the People Power Solar Cooperative. 

The Story of the Permanent Energy Cooperative | 2017 | introduces the concept for what eventually became the People Power Solar Cooperative. 

The Community-Owned Renewable Energy Puzzle | 2017 | shares about many of the legal puzzles we've wrangled with over the years

Energy is Like WHOA | 2019 | grapples with what energy is and why we need energy democracy.

Community Renewable Energy Webinar | 2013 | In this video, the Law Center's expert panelists discuss the legal barriers, policy opportunities, and steps to creating a new energy future.

Blog Posts

Below are some of our blog posts about our work to create energy democracy. For our latest blog posts, please click here.  

PG&E’s Profit Grab: At War Against the People| May 26, 2021

Are we thinking about climate change wrong? | January 25, 2020
Highlights from the Energy Justice Strategy and Policy Workshop
| December 16, 2019
People Power Solar Coop's First Community-Owned Solar Project... | March 25, 2019
People Powered East Bay - The Law Center Incubated Cooperatives Launch! | December 5, 2018
Building Grassroots-Led and Community Owned Energy Projects | November 14, 2018
3 Steps to Building Just Transition Now with a PCEC|
April 13, 2017
Piecing Together the Community Energy Puzzle | January 9, 2017 

In the News

Member-Owned Community Solar Poised for National Adoption | April 13, 2019 | CleanTechnica
The Green New Deal Means Power to the People | April 3, 2019 | The Progressive
Coalition applauds California's low-income rooftop solar investment | August 8, 2018 | Solar Power World

Model Legal Documents

We incubated the People Power Solar Cooperative and helped them draft these bylaws. We also helped develop a Site Host Agreement for the coop's first project, and here is a sample site host agreement based on that work. 

Awesomeness from Partners & Friends

Energy Justice Workbook & Webinar | Initiative for Energy Justice
Energy Democracy Scorecard & Flip Chart | Emerald Cities Collaborative, Anthony Giancatarino, and Donna House
Comprehensive Building Blocks for a Regenerative and Just 100% Policy | 100% Network
Policy Tools Supporting Energy Democracy through a Green New Deal | The Next System Project

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