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Developing a community energy project turns out to be quite the puzzle because our current legal system favors centralized and for-profit ownership of energy infrastructure by the wealthiest sectors of society. So we are mapping the legal and regulatory landscape to help you navigate building community projects. Check out our blog posts, videos, and more below!

Blog Posts

Below are some of our blog posts about our work to create energy democracy. For our latest blog posts, please click here.  

Are we thinking about climate change wrong? | January 25, 2020
Highlights from the Energy Justice Strategy and Policy Workshop
| December 16, 2019
People Power Solar Coop's First Community-Owned Solar Project... | March 25, 2019
People Powered East Bay - The Law Center Incubated Cooperatives Launch! | December 5, 2018
Building Grassroots-Led and Community Owned Energy Projects | November 14, 2018
3 Steps to Building Just Transition Now with a PCEC|
April 13, 2017
Piecing Together the Community Energy Puzzle | January 9, 2017 


Energy is Like WHOA | 2019 | This 2-minute animated video explains why we need energy democracy.

Building Grassroots-Led and Community Owned Energy Projects | 2018 | This presentation unpacks the concept of community-owned energy and was delivered by Janelle Orsi at a day-long gathering of climate justice leaders exploring barriers to and opportunities for the development of community-owned energy.

Community Renewable Energy Webinar | 2013 | In this video, the Law Center's expert panelists discuss the legal barriers, policy opportunities, and steps to creating a new energy future.

In the News

Member-Owned Community Solar Poised for National Adoption | April 13, 2019 | CleanTechnica
The Green New Deal Means Power to the People | April 3, 2019 | The Progressive
Coalition applauds California's low-income rooftop solar investment | August 8, 2018 | Solar Power World

Model Legal Documents

We incubated the People Power Solar Cooperative and helped them draft these bylaws. We also helped develop a Site Host Agreement for the coop's first project, and here is a sample site host agreement based on that work. 

Awesomeness from Partners & Friends

Energy Justice Workbook & Webinar | Initiative for Energy Justice
Energy Democracy Scorecard & Flip Chart | Emerald Cities Collaborative, Anthony Giancatarino, and Donna House
Comprehensive Building Blocks for a Regenerative and Just 100% Policy | 100% Network
Policy Tools Supporting Energy Democracy through a Green New Deal | The Next System Project

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