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We are training activists to become lawyers without going to law school and spreading a community-driven model of legal education that subverts the debt- and trauma-inducing, white dominant culture of law school. 

Past Events

#Teachgiving Recordings

▶️ Occupation of Land Within Peoples' Movements (November 2020)
▶️ Liberating Land Use: How Zoning Promotes White Supremacy (November 2020)
▶️ UnSelling MamaEarth with Povertyskolaz  (November 2020)
▶️ How to Rematriate the Land (November 2021)

#MutualityMonth Recap and Recordings (June 2022)

▶️ Nurturance Lawyering Part 1: How to bring connection and healing to our work in challenging times | Slide Deck 
▶️ Nurturance Lawyering Part 2: Legal ethics in an interdependent world (2022) | Slide Deck
▶️ Nurturance Lawyering Part 3: The legal profession is a white supremacist institution (2022) | Slide Deck

Interdependence Month Recordings (July 2021)

▶️ Living and Breathing Interdependence
▶️ Sharing our Stories
▶️ Speculative Nonfiction: Rewriting Law in an Interdependent World
▶️ Legal Structures for Radical Real Estate

#RadicalRealEstateWeek Recordings 
(October 2020)

▶️ Recognizing Implicit Bias MCLE
▶️ Part 1 of the Radical Homeownership Workshop 
▶️ Part 2 of the Radical Homeownership Workshop
▶️ The History of Land Grabs and How to Fight Back

Misc Recordings

▶️ Policy Cafe: The Oakland People's Plan (2021)
 Know Your SB 1079 Rights Workshop (2021)
▶️ Advising Tenant Unions to Purchase Their Building MCLE (2020)

Upcoming Events:

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