Resources for Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits

Find our worker self directed nonprofit resources for starting, supporting, or cultivating WSDNs below.

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Just getting started? Watch our introductory webinar, “Worker Self Directed Nonprofits: Implementing Workplace Democracy in Nonprofit Organizations"

Looking for a deeper dive into nuts and bolts of worker self-direction? Watch our webinar, hosted by the praxis project, "Deeper Dive: Tools, Structures, and Examples of Worker Self-direction" [En Español] [In English]

Bylaws Toolkit for Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits

Check out our new (2021) bylaws toolkit, complete with template bylaws and a guide for how to draft more participatory, equitable, and accessible bylaws.

Bite-Sized Legal Guide to Becoming a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit

Click here to view this Bite-Sized Legal Guide, where we explore how worker self-direction can help nonprofits better achieve their missions, as well as the legal considerations for becoming a worker self-directed nonprofit. This bite-sized guide also includes a sample board resolution for worker self-direction.

Other Legal Guides

Here's a Legal Guide for Boards of Directors of worker self-directed nonprofits!

Check out our Bite-Sized Legal Guides on nonprofits in general, including How to Form a Nonprofit, How to Become a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit, and How to Start a Fiscally Sponsored Project with a Partner.

Model Documents and Other Resources:

Click here to see all of the Law Center's internal policies and processes for worker self-direction. Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license for easy sharing!

This public Google Folder also has an ever-growing collection of handouts, slides, model documents, and more.

Topics and Videos:

⭐ Who Sets Priorities at a Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit?

⭐ The Role of The Board

⭐ Meeting Processes

⭐ Tour the Office of a WSDN!

 Onboarding New Staff

⭐ Dividing Labor and Assigning Responsibilities

⭐ Fiscal Sponsorship Versus Independent 501(c)(3)

⭐ Bringing our Whole Selves to Work

⭐ Alignment and Resiliency 

⭐ Setting Staff Compensation

⭐ Paying Nonprofit Board Members

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