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  • Thursday, March 19, 2020 at 11:30 AM · $15.00 USD · 1 rsvp

    Webinar: The New "Prudent:" A Wild Brainstorm About The Prudent Investor Rule

    What is considered a "prudent" investment strategy in a world where inequality is spiraling out of control, ocean life is dwindling, and hurricanes flatten cities? Let's take a step back and question how we apply the analysis of "prudence" in our current social and ecological context. 401(k)s,  other retirement savings plans, and many kinds of trusts and institutional funds are subject to rules requiring that savings be managed and invested according to the Prudent Investor Rule, aka The Prudent Man Rule. This is often interpreted to require a diverse portfolio of investments aimed at generating a market rate return. Some self-directed IRA custodians have interpreted this to block low-interest or no-interest loans to mission-oriented enterprises. Let's review the rules and legal interpretation, then throw it all out the window and discuss how we'd set our own standards of prudence in our current context. This will be a lively conversation led by Leslie Christian, Senior Investment Advisor at Northstar Asset Management (and co-author of this great piece, The Prudent Woman) and Janelle Orsi, co-founder of Sustainable Economies Law Center.

    Members of The Next Egg network can attend this webinar as part of their membership.  Click here for more information about The Next Egg, our project to help people gain control over how they invest their retirement savings. 

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