Resilient Communities Legal Cafe

We envision living in a society where reliable and affordable legal support is available to all those creating the transition to resilient local economies. 

The Resilient Communities Legal Cafe is a first-come, first-serve, donation-based legal advice session. You might be asked to wait, but have no fear! There are always snacks, drinks, collaborative discussions, and the Resilient Communities Law Library to peruse. For walk-in clinics, registration closes 40 minutes before the end-time listed; feel free to come at anytime before registration closes to receive your legal advice and consultation from our competent staff and volunteer attorneys. We e-mail appointment slots to those who RSVP to online legal cafes.

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Our award-winning Resilient Communities Legal Cafes rotate locations and happen three times per month, mostly near BART stations in Oakland, Berkeley, and Richmond.

If you need advice about starting a worker-owned cooperative, converting an existing business into a cooperative, organizing a housing cooperative, founding a nonprofit or other social enterprise, then our Legal Cafe is for you! Here are some questions we will be prepared to answer:

❖ Radical real estate law: How to form a housing cooperative, real estate cooperative, or nonprofit housing? 
❖ Legal formation for small businesses: What are the regulations and requirements to have your organization legally function?
 Legal entity choice: Should your org be a for profit, non-profit, and which legal entity fits best with your vision?
 Employment law: Whether you're an employer, employee, or a cooperative, we can answer questions on how to prevent or resolve issues?
 Tax law: What are the ways to receive tax exemption for your org?
 Contracts: Contract review, drafting, and negotiation
 Liability issues: What are your governance requirements to avoid liability?
 Environmental law: Do you have questions about how to create more green spaces for your community?
❖ Worker Self Directed Nonprofits:  How can you run your nonprofit organization more like a worker-owned cooperative?

RSVP for upcoming cafes and teach-ins on our Legal Cafe events calendar to ensure your place at the cafe. We also accept walk-ins! If RSVPs are sold out, don't let that stop you from coming! You are welcome to drop in and wait for an attorney as well. 

Are You A Lawyer or Law Student? 

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Looking for a community of like minded legal professionals cultivating the legal roots of just and resilient economies? Then you're in the right place! Sign up to volunteer at our Resilient Communities Legal Cafe or level up your legal expertise by watching videos of our MCLE workshops.

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