Your Next Egg: Investing retirement savings in our local communities by 2020

By Janelle Orsi, Law Center Executive Director & Co-Founder

The next egg: Investing our retirement savings in our local communities by Janelle OrsiOur retirement savings hold transformative potential if we can get our pool of capital out of Wall Street and into our communities. Along with our partners at LIFT Economy and author Michael Shuman, we’re hatching a plan to channel that capital into local communities by 2020. Aside from developing and sharing resources on self-directed retirement savings, we’re aiming to build a group of 500 people ready to turn their nest eggs into a force for good. A group of that size can bargain with plan providers and custodians for lower fees and other benefits that smooth the path to local investing. Plus, we can collectively target our investments for deeper impact!


This could be your retirement portfolio!

Make Y(our) Retirement Savings a Force for Good!


Here are four things to help you learn and get involved:

  1. Read: Our short piece on the basics: The next egg: Investing our retirement savings in our local communities on

  2. Learn and discuss: Join us for a webinar on Making Y(our) Retirement Savings A Force for Good next Thursday, April 11 at 11:30am Pacific/2:30pm Eastern. 

  3. Get involved: Fill out this short form to stay in touch, get involved, and maybe even be one of the 500 people who start investing retirement savings by 2020.

  4. Track developments: Return to this page for resources and updates on our project.

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