Webinar Resources: Subchapter T & How Money Flows Through a Cooperative

Subchapter T & How Money Flows Through a Cooperative

On March 11th, 2021, our Director of Economic Democracy, Ricardo Nuñez, and SELC Staff Attorney, Gregory Jackson, provided an introduction to the powerful ways that worker cooperatives equitably distribute wealth and why it matters for your cooperative’s taxes! Below, you'll find the recording and follow up resources that we shared with attendees.

First, we wanted to give another shout out to the City of Berkeley for funding this presentation and to Kieron Slaughter, Chief Community Development Officer at the City of Berkeley's Office of Economic Development, for showing up and giving some very useful and useable information on how the City of Berkeley is supporting the growth of worker cooperatives in Berkeley and beyond! Thank you!

Second, you'll find the recording of our webinar and a list of resources below that were mentioned on the webinar.

We look forward to supporting you in your cooperative endeavors! 

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