Becoming a Lawyer Without Going to Law School

By Tia Katrina Taruc-Myers, Law Center Director of Legal Education

On June 5th, 2019, Yassi Eskandari and Ricardo S. Nuñez of the Sustainable Economies Law Center presented on their experience as apprentices and discussed how to skip law school and go straight into changing the world! We discussed California's Law Office Study Program and reviewed the requirements, lessons learned, and shared resources on becoming an attorney through "reading the law." Check out the video below:

About the Speakers

Yassi Eskandari 

Yassi Eskandari is the Policy Director of the Sustainable Economies Law Center. In 2017, Yassi passed the California bar exam without going to law school and wants to let others know that they can do it too.

Ricardo Samir Nuñez

Ricardo Samir Nuñez is the Director of Economic Democracy at the Law Center. He's also becoming a lawyer without going to law school through the California Law Office Study Program. 

More Resources

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