Tia Katrina Taruc-Myers is the Sustainable Economies Law Center’s Director of Legal Education! She organizes the Law Center's teach-ins, webinars, legal cafes, policy cafes, legal beehives, MCLE seminars, online resources, and more! Passionate about redistributing power and wealth, Tia spends her time promoting participatory budgeting and community control of everything.

In 2010, Tia helped build (literally, as in with saws, drills, and sandpaper) Alchemy Collective Cafe (where the Law Center’s Legal Cafe is held once a month)! A few years later, with the help of the Law Center’s Legal Cafe, Tia founded the Alipato Project, the first and only nonprofit to sue batterers for the tort of domestic violence. After completing Alipato's successful pilot program, Tia partnered with the American Bar Association and drafted a Domestic Violence Torts primer to share what she learned over the years as a domestic violence litigation attorney.

When Tia's not cooperatizing everything with the Law Center, she plays chess at Alchemy, co-directs the Community Democracy Project to bring participatory budgeting to Oakland, and shoots arrows at targets in Joaquin Miller Park.

[email protected]


Law Center Program Areas
Lead: Resilient Communities Legal Cafe Circle
Co-lead: Radical Real Estate Law School

Member: Housing Circle


Law Center Operations

Member: Law Super Circle

Member: Communications Circle

Member: Abundance Circle

Other Projects
Alipato Project - Board Member
Community Democracy Project - Member

Presentations and Panels
The History of Land Grabs and How to Fight Back
Mutual Aid Models and the Law
Domestic Violence Torts, ACBA
Restorative Justice Round Table, San Quentin State Prison
Legal Remedies for Rape Survivors, SFWAR
Civil Justice, Trina Grillo Public Interest and Social Justice Retreat, USF
Worker Owned Coops in Trump Era (Moderator), Community Democracy Project
Building Non-Carceral Responses to Gender Based Violence - Rebellious Lawyering Conference

Education and Training
UC Berkeley
J.D. 2011
B.A. in Philosophy 2007

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