Sustainable Economies Law Center Files Reply Comments on the Revised Testimonies of PG&E and SDG&E

On December 20, 2013, the Sustainable Economies Law Center filed its Reply Comments in the CPUC proceeding.  The CPUC is reviewing how California's three investor-owned utilities propose to implement the newly enacted SB 43, which established a 600 MW distributed renewable energy pilot program.

Overall, SELC advocates for a more in-depth community-based renewable energy proposal from both PG&E and SDG&E as well as clear guidelines for implementation.  In doing so, SELC defines true community-based renewable energy projects to include the following attributes:
  • (1) The majority of the project is owned by individual residents of the community or by a local organization or cooperative that is managed and controlled by individual residents of the community;
  • (2) The project's generating capacity does not exceed 1 MW and is located in or near the community; and
  • (3) The majority of the project's economic benefits are distributed locally.

We welcome any feedback or questions on the document as it seeks to reflect the vision of our members and community.  Please click on the image below and feel free to email Linda Barrera at [email protected].



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