A Message from our Cartoonist-in-Chief

I drew you a cartoon, because you’ve probably had days like this lately:

Days when we're overwhelmed

These times remind me that when I was a kid, I used to ride down staircases in a laundry basket. It was bumpy, dangerous, and I had no control. It seemed so exciting then!

Riding a laundry basket as a kid.

As an adult, I’m not enjoying it so much. Some days, it feels like our society is plunging into chaos and we are going to get dragged down with it.

Riding in a laundry basket as an adult

Fortunately, I have a stable set of wheels that I know can get me to where I want to go:

Let's go to a world where people & ecosystems are thriving!

Our work at Sustainable Economies Law Center is to build this tricycle to steer towards that vision: 

The three wheels: economies, culture, & law

These wheels are taking us to places that give us immense hope despite some scary challenges...

Land grabs, gentrification, and displacement is happening!


Antarctic Ice Shelf is creeping into the ocean!


Wealth & power in the food industry is being consolidated!

What’s important to notice about all of the above is:

It's all people powered!

What it takes to transform the economy is PEOPLE LIKE YOU helping to pedal that tricycle by getting involved, supporting, joining, and launching projects that spread wealth and power to everyone in the community. 

The economy is people powered!

And what it takes to transform the legal system is PEOPLE LIKE YOU getting involved in, supporting, and advocating for laws that support the growth of local sustainable economies. 

The legal system is people powered!

And now is the time! More people than ever are pedaling toward that vision, so beware:

Don't let this happen!

Fortunately, the Sustainable Economies Law Center can keep those wheels well-maintained by providing essential leadership and resources. But who will keep the Law Center going?

It's you!

It all comes back to people power, which means it all comes back to you!

So before you close this email, remember...

Don't make this mistake!

Without your support, Sustainable Economies Law Center literally could not do this essential work. Your support makes a critical difference!

The world needs an inspiring and empowering vision now more than ever – join us in pedaling that vision into reality TODAY

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