June 2022 Newsletter: Sharing our needs can open up new possibilities

June Newsletter 2022: Sharing our needs can open up new possibilities

During last months discussion “From Mutual Aid to Mutuality: Surviving Capitalism with Radical Care,” panelist Jebena Kilgore summed up how the simple act of sharing your needs with those close to you can bring people together to build relationships and practices of mutuality:

The more people you meet and are excited about what you’re doing, the bigger your community. It doesn’t have to be an organization either. It can just be when you have extra food or you baked too many cookies. Take some to your neighbor. Go say hi. Or see if anyone in the neighborhood wants to get together and have a block party. It doesn’t have to be through entities. It can just be people to people. Human to human. Through that trust and connection, you can find out what other people are struggling with. Maybe they’re struggling with the same thing and that’s where you can begin to organize. - Jebena Kilgore, Agroecology Commons

Mutuality Month came with so many lessons and deep sharing. Check out our blog post where we share some reflections and resources that can support moving from mutual aid towards a mutuality mindset.

We raised $17,138 thanks to your generosity!

Thank you to the 106 individual donors and 3 new monthly donors who contributed during last month's grassroots fundraising campaign! You help create a vital supportive continuity for our work so we can continue reimagining the law in service to the movement. And if you didn’t get a chance to donate, you can always show some appreciation for our work here

Lessons from the People Skool

Part of staff Attorney Tobias Damm-Luhr’s learning and unlearning with POOR Magazines People Skool is to share insights that he’s experienced through their radical teachings. Click here to read how Tobias is processing a desire to live in mutuality and “right relationship” with and within community.

FYI: Law Center office closed July 11th-14th for Staff Retreat

The Law Center team hasn’t all been together in person for over two and a half years! So, we’re spending a few days at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center to slow down, go deep with each other and our vision for the organization, and simply catch up after so many years apart. Thank you for your patience while we take this time away from our computers.

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