Geraldine Ah-Sue is a culture activist interested in using creative media to inspire a more loving and just world. She is an audio producer, educator, and community advocate, as well as a parent, animal-friend and coffee enthusiast. She is currently sheltering in place in Richmond, CA.

With the SELC, Geraldine is working as an intern with the Worker Self-Directed Non-Profit team, learning about radical nonprofit governance and shared leadership practices. She was interested in what nonprofits are doing to free themselves of neoliberal imperatives, and how this freedom can transform workplace culture and sustainability. At the end of July, Geraldine will be hosting an open conversation on how we are replicating, reinforcing and/or undoing the values and practices of the nonproft industrial complex in our intergenerational relationships, especially now as we spend more time working from home and with our communities during the pandemic.

Recently, Geraldine witnessed something incredible. In her words: "After 14 years, one of our two female turtles laid a clutch of eggs! With no opposable thumbs and a brain the size of a pea, this magnificent creature then proceeded to haul a rock nearly a third of her weight to protect her nest. To this day, she stands guard daily over her unfertilized eggs. Animal instinct is a powerful thing!"


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