Our vision is to redistribute wealth and power and dismantle the oppressive dominant economic system by creating more worker controlled enterprises. 

Hierarchies keep power and assets in the hands of a privileged few and proliferate organizational and societal injustices, inequities, and disempowered workers. Concentrated power is the bane of democracy. Hierarchies fail to use the creativity and wisdom of workers close to the problems, to deliver fair and equitable solutions and create right relationships. The solution is to democratize every workplace for every worker. Democratic workplaces build community well-being and transform local economies by putting power over decisions and assets into the hands of workers. 

Sustainable Economies Law Center’s Labor team provides education, advocacy, research, and legal advice to workers democratizing the places where they work.

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All month, we’re inviting our friends, neighbors, community members, and partners to support our grassroots fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $20,000 by the end of September to support our work democratizing workplaces everywhere. All month long we’ll be sharing stories, resources, and new ideas from the members of our Labor team. And we’re closing out the campaign with seven special events during #Coopalooza Week!

#Coopalooza Week Calendar

September 27th
☑️ How to Pay Ourselves Equitably | In Search of a Salary Calculator for Social Justice (MCLE) 
☑️ Immigrant Rights and Worker Coops (MCLE)

September 28th
☑️ You’re (not) the boss of me: A panel discussion on different approaches to democratic governance
☑️ #Coopalooza Legal Cafe

September 29th
☑️ Interdependence: Worker Cooperative Advocacy and the Movements for the Environment, Immigrant Rights, Racial Justice, and Labor Unions in the US

September 30th
☑️ It’s Published!! Come meet the amazing Authors who wrote the CA Worker Co-op Law Practice Guide
☑️ #Coopalooza Virtual Mix & Mingle


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