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Director of Organizational Resilience

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Chris is a facilitator, organizer, and attorney focused on land and housing justice, participatory governance, and co-creating post capitalist / post white supremacist futures. He is Director of Organizational Resilience at the Sustainable Economies Law Center, a democratically-run nonprofit in Oakland supporting communities to create and control their own sustainable sources of housing, food, energy, and livelihoods. At the Law Center, he co-leads or contributes to the Law Center’s Housing, Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits, Farmland, and Money & Finance Programs.

He trained to become a lawyer without going to law school through the California Law Office Study Program, passing the California Bar in 2018. Prior to training as a barefoot lawyer, Chris completed an MA in Economics for Transition at Schumacher College, an international transformative learning center near Totnes, UK. His dissertation explored commons-based and community-determined responses to climate disruption in the Global South.

Chris has also organized with grassroots coalitions in Oakland including the Economic Development without Displacement Coalition and Bay Area Rights of Nature Alliance; co-founded the Association of Legal Apprentices; served on the Boards of New Economy Coalition and Oakland Communities United for Equity and Justice; and facilitated the annual Law and Social Change Jam.

He previously worked with youth in the South Bronx, taught English in Japan, and explored Islam in Senegal; and in between those latter two experiences, he traversed 3/4 of the globe by way of rail, sail, foot, and thumb. He earned his BA in Non-Western History with a concentration in Poverty Studies from Washington and Lee University, and his writing can be found on,,,, and elsewhere.


Roles at the Law Center

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Co-Lead: Housing Program

Co-Lead: Worker Self-Directed Nonprofits

Co-Lead: Money & Finance 

Support: Farmland Program

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Lead: Internal Resilience

Lead: Grassroots Fundraising

Support: Grants



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  • Aikido

  • Kayaking

  • Direct Action

  • Radical imagination

  • Trees

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