Three Hippies and an Oven, 2.0 - a Karin Wells documentary

Alvarado St. Bakery is a worker-owned bakery in Petaluma, California that produces 50,000 loaves of bread a day.

Photo: Alvarado St. Bakery in Petaluma, California (Karin Wells)

Karin Wells of CBC Radio explores the spread of worker cooperatives in the Bay Area. Sustainable Economies Law Centers' Worker coop legislation is mentioned, and Yassi Eskandari-Qajar, SELC's Policy Director, is quoted. 

"Often times people think of worker co-operatives as a hippie thing, but truly that's not the case," says Yassi Eskandari-Qajar, a policy director with the Sustainable Economies Law Center. "It's small businesses that are owned and operated by their workers."

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