29 Organizations Submit a Cartoon Comment Letter to Regulators!

Yesterday, the Sustainable Economies Law Center submitted a cartoon comment-letter on behalf of 29 organizations to CalRecycle (the CA Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery). CalRecycle has drafted regulations to implement SB 1383, a law mandating reduction of methane emissions through the diversion of organic material from landfills. Community organizations spoke up because there is a high risk that the new rules will create barriers for people doing small-scale composting. Already, many California farmers, gardeners, and composters are facing insurmountable legal barriers to their composting operations, so this letter asks CalRecycle to carve out protections for people transporting organic material to small compost sites, farms, or compost sites operated by nonprofits.


Our letter is filled with photos, case studies, cartoons, and facts. Check it out!

For more background on the issues, here's a short (and kinda silly) video called "A Scary Carrot Story."

Other organizations that signed the letter included:

  1. California FarmLink
  2. Northern California Recycling Association
  3. Berkeley Climate Action Coalition
  4. Del Norte and Tribal Lands Community Food Council
  5. San Francisco Permaculture Guild
  6. Multinational Exchange for Sustainable Agriculture (MESA)
  7. Oakland Food Policy Council
  8. Common Compost
  9. Sustainable Agriculture Education (SAGE)
  10. BioFuel Oasis
  11. Planting Justice
  12. Slow Food California
  13. Center for Food Safety
  14. Acta Non Verba Youth Urban Farm Project
  15. The Gill Tract Farm
  16. Ecology Center
  17. Epic Renewal
  18. RSF Social Finance
  19. Richmond Grows Seed Library
  20. Northern California Land Trust
  21. Greywater Action
  22. ReSoil Sacramento (Green Restaurant Association of Sacramento)
  23. Everfux Technologies
  24. Community Alliance with Family Farmers
  25. Phat Beets Produce
  26. Urban Sprouts
  27. Occidental Arts and Ecology Center
  28. The Butterfly Movement
  29. And a long list of individuals named in the letter


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