Legal Cafe Teach-ins

Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) Teach-ins provide practical, participatory, and action oriented discussions around food, housing, livelihoods, transportation, and more! Through these trainings and guided discussion on specific legal issues within the sharing, or new, economy, SELC hopes to inform and empower our communities towards resiliency.

Find future Legal Cafe Teach-ins at our Legal Cafe event page!

Teach-ins that SELC has hosted in the past include

  • how to start a Cottage Food Operation (a.k.a. Home-Based Food Business),
  • legal issues around Co-Housing,
  • "know your rights" workshops, 
  • and how to set up and create systems of accountability within a worker-owned business.

Why don't you give us an idea?

Below, please tell us what subject, idea, or legal area that you'd like SELC to provide for the community in an inviting and collaborative discussion! Don't be shy!


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