What Sustainable Economies Law Center's clients, community members, partners, and fellows are saying about our work: 

"The evening at SELC's Legal Cafe was one of the most beneficial (and pleasant) experiences I have ever had when seeking advice for my advocacy! Where else could you get a dedicated team of experts to sit and help you for two hours, without charge!"

-- Deborah Rogers, Legal Cafe client

"I had the absolute best experience ever dealing with the legal process. SELC staff and volunteers made me comfortable and confident allowing them to assist with my vision. The collaboration with various experts added another dimension of trust. I knew the vision was in great hands. Sacred things are secret things. My privacy was protected and respected. My concerns were heard and my learning style was addressed. It is important to be understood, before someone can help you. SELC, got it. Additionally, they met me where I was. When I left them, I left spreading my wing's in preparation for flight. Thank you everyone."

-- Erma Montgomery, Legal Cafe client

"My topic for legal advice was rather unusual but prevalent for many people. I was encouraged by SELC to help organize a legal cafe on the topic for those impacted by the issues to attend. That's not just great service but movement building! Much gratitude!"

-- Tom Long, Legal Cafe client

"The SELC legal cafe is awesome! Janelle, Sara and the rest of the SELC team helped me understand the sharing economy universe -- not just the law, but the other people and organizations that are working in this space. Their service is incredibly helpful, well-designed and fun."

-- Miishe Addy, Legal Cafe client

"This is an amazing group of amazing people with great minds and big hearts. I feel so grateful for getting the opportunity to brainstorm with these people and get help solidifying my ideas! THANK YOU!"

-- Joshua Lipson, Legal Cafe client

“Thank you so much for offering this amazing Legal Cafe! This work is EXTREMELY important to creating real structural change for our communities and flailing economy.”

-- Legal Cafe client

“I am so thankful for SELC’s help in cooperatizing everything!”

-- Tia Katrina Canlas, Alipato Project, Legal Cafe client

"SELC is an amazing organization and they are really setting the trend on how to solve problems within the community. Our communities need more organizations to offer solutions in the same manner that SELC is offering."

-- Apurwa Pokhrel, Sustainable Economies Law Center Community Member

 “As a SELC Fellow, I am supported and encouraged in my decision to start my own law practice in sustainable economies and civil rights law. My favorite part of being a SELC Fellow is participating in Resilient Economies Legal Cafe which provides legal advice to the community members interested in starting their own businesses.”

-- Sustainable Economies Law Center Fellow Hasmik Geghamyan, Geghamyan Law Office

"As a current practitioner who challenges agribusiness and industrial farming practices which lead to widespread pollution of natural resources and drinking water sources, my fellowship at SELC has been an invaluable way to learn about the ways in which businesses and workers can move away from an outdated mode of farming and business, into a new economy. The fellowship at SELC has helped me think broadly and creatively about how legal practice can help to usher in new business models and new legal structures that would allow for a farming economy that is more cooperative, more sustainable, less exploitative, and more local."

-- Sustainable Economies Law Center Fellow

"I regard my discovery of the SELC and Janelle Orsi's book as the defining moments that confirmed the logic of my decision to study law."

-- Law student

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