Worker Cooperative Policy Recommendation

The Sustainable Economies Law Center is proud to be a member of the California Worker Cooperative Policy Coalition and excited about paving new paths to increase democratic worker ownership in California.

The Sustainable Economies Law Center, the California Center for Cooperative Development, the Network of Bay Area Worker Cooperatives, the Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives, the Green Collar Communities Clinic, and the East Bay Community Law Center


UPDATE: Our coalition was successful in finding a legislative author and this policy recommendation has become a full out legislative campaign! Find out more by visiting SELC's Cooperatives Advocacy page.



Below, you will find links to a feedback form so you can provide input on how to define a worker cooperative in California, more information on the statute that the coalition has been working on, and updates on our progress.

CA Worker Coop Updates

Find updates on the progress of our legislation and public feedback. 

CA Worker Cooperative Feedback Public Forum

Two public feedback forums were held, one in San Francisco and one in Oakland, for community members to provide feedback, identify issues of concern, and continue the discussion about the worker cooperative policy.

Check back for more public forums on the California Worker Cooperative Policy initiative to be held at SELC's Resilient Communities Legal Cafes throughout 2014.

CA Worker Cooperative Feedback Form

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