We want to live in a society where enterprises and assets are owned and controlled by the communities that depend on them for livelihoods, sustenance, and ecological well-being.

While traditional enterprise models grow the wealth of people who already have wealth, cooperatives put wealth and decisions into the hands of workers and consumers. This builds community well-being and transforms local economies.

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Check out our "Think Outside the Boss" manual for information on creating and running your own worker cooperative.

If you're interested in learning more, is a great resource:

Advocacy & Policy

Find out about Sustainable Economies Law Center's advocacy campaigns that put our livelihoods, housing, and food systems back in our control.

  1. City Ordinance for the Promotion of Worker Coops

  2. AB 816: California Worker Cooperative Act

To learn more, check out our sharing economy policy primer.

Current Projects

Find out about the Academy!

The Worker Coop Academy is an intensive multi-month training course educating teams who want to operate democratically-run, worker-owned enterprises.

SELC also hosts teach-ins at the Resilient Communities Legal Cafe and half-day workshops focused on educating the public on cooperatives and advising existing coops on their development and operations. Please check SELC's calendar page for future teach-ins and workshops focused on cooperatives.

Check out this video of one of our Think Outside the Boss seminars.

News & Events


Our news and events pages are here.

Want to get involved with Sustainable Economies Law Center or need help?

You can find our intern and volunteer application here.

Contact Ricardo Nuñez at [email protected] to learn more. 

If you’re a cooperative looking for ongoing legal representation, check out the Green Collar Communities Clinic


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