LS4RRE is now accepting applications for the 2022-23 cohort. Click here to apply: Application

Co-founded by two Zoom School of Law students in 2019, the Law Students 4 Radical Real Estate (LS4RRE, pronounced “laser”) provides hands-on opportunities for law students from across the nation to support Sustainable Economy Law Center’s clients and research projects. To date, students have sought property tax exemptions for a non-profit led by formerly unhoused community members, drafted explanations of co-op agreements, and researched zoning laws that affect tribal communities. 

As a program of the Law Center, LS4RRE is committed to cultivating a new legal landscape that supports community resilience and grassroots economic empowerment. Through accountability and shared learning, LS4RRE is committed to spreading a transformative vision for humanity’s relationship to land through advocacy and movement building. Its mission is to provide an avenue through research projects where law students can learn and take part in the Law Center’s advocacy. 

If you are interested in applying click here; if you would like more information about this program please contact LS4RRE's Director, law student, Alex Sanchez Bressler at [email protected]. 


*Compensation: At this time, this work is financially uncompensated. However, SELC is willing to work with students to earn academic credit or pro bono hour credit from their school.  

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