Co-founded by two Zoom School of Law students in 2019, the Law Students 4 Radical Real Estate (LS4RRE AKA "LASER") provides hands-on opportunities for law students from across the nation to support Sustainable Economy Law Center’s clients. To date, students have sought property tax exemptions for a non-profit led by formerly unhoused community members, drafted explanations of co-op agreements, and researched zoning laws that affect tribal communities. 

LASER is organized by law student Taliah Mirmalek, Director, 2021 who is now seeking a co-director.

Seeking co-director for 2022-2023

Description of responsibilities: 

❖ Recruitment: Update application document while always ensuring that it communicates an explicit racial and economic justice lens; Recruit student volunteers by drafting and distributing email and social media posts ensuring accessibility across schools; Enlist existing co-hort members to support distribution of announcement and posts; Lead applicant selection committee with at least three co-hort members from the prior year; Review applications and select finalists per guidelines drafted by co-hort of previous year.
❖ Project Management: Assess student interest in and availability for particular projects; Communicate interests to SELC to support assignments of student volunteers to projects that match their interests and schedule. 
❖ Retention: Plan and execute online educational and social gatherings with co-hort members and SELC staff.
❖ Leadership Development: Encourage and support new co-hort members to take leadership roles during the year with the intent of preparing future co-directors from previous co-horts.
❖ General troubleshooting.

Compensation: At this time, this work is financially uncompensated. However, SELC is willing to work with students to earn academic credit or pro bono hour credit from their school.  

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