Employment Law Projects

Sustainable Economies Law Center identifies individuals, communities, and enterprises that face employment law barriers in their commercial endeavors and provides research, advice, and advocacy on their behalf.

Past Projects


Hmong Refugee Farmers of Fresno, CA - In 2011, the Sustainable Economies Law Center worked to support the approximately 1300 Hmong and Lao refugees who operate small family farms in and around Fresno, California. This project addressed common employment law barriers  encountered when farmers engage in cooperative farming practices and involve family and friends in the labor of their farms. Click here to read a summary of the project.







Chinese Farmers of Santa Clara County, CA - In 2012 and 2013, the Sustainable Economies Law Center worked with Chinese farmers in southern Santa Clara County facing steep fines for noncompliance with employment laws, notwithstanding their efforts to comply with the law. See this two-page memo for details on our work with the Chinese farmers.





Revising the California Labor Code to support small-scale family farms - Based on our work of these two projects above, we've proposed several changes to the California Labor Code that would make wage statement regulations easier to comply with for small farmers. Click here to read more about this proposal.


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