Dorian is a land worker, a child of the abundant Chihuahuan desert, a border straddler, and a grateful guest in the village of Xučyun otherwise known as Oakland, California. Dorian’s work revolves largely around reimagining relationships to land and labor outside of and in spite of the regime of private property. Dorian’s orientation to land and labor based organizing began in agriculture, where after years of working in small-scale farming systems, Dorian saw the need for an infrastructure that did not rely on a romanticized agrarianism forged on grit, and instead grounded itself in a modality of mutual aid. Dorian’s work itself is grounded in rematriation, afrofuturism, abundance, and agroecology.  Besides working full-time at the Law Center, Dorian is also a legal apprentice and is becoming a lawyer without going to law school. Dorian is slated to take the California Bar Exam in 2024. Dorian studies, builds curriculum, and co-directs at the Radical Real Estate Law School, which is housed in the Law Center. 

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