Resources for Art Themed Legal Cafe

Have a follow-up legal question about something you learned at our teach-in for artists? These Bite-Sized Legal Guides are a great place to start! 

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These Bite-Sized Legal Guides have been prepared by Sustainable Economies Law Center staff and volunteers as handouts for the Resilient Communities Legal Cafe. The contents of the Guides should NOT be relied on as legal advice. Furthermore, some of this information could become outdated, laws may vary from place to place, and although we've tried to collect accurate information and give the laws our best interpretation, some information in these Bite-Sized Legal Guides could be incorrect or subject to different interpretations by courts and regulators. We hope that's not the case, but, what can we say? Law is complicated stuff! That's why we STRONGLY recommend that you consult with an attorney before using this information.

In this Bite-Sized Legal Guide, we help you comply with new employment law AB5. Learn what makes a new hire an independent contractor or an employee.

In How to File Taxes as a Subchapter T Cooperativewe explore how cooperatives can avoid the double tax by deducting patronage dividends.

How to Choose an Entity for Your Cooperative will help you choose between filing as an LLC or as a Cooperative Corporation.

Here are Cameron Rhudy's presentation slides from the Legal Cafe teach-in. Check out the resources on the last two slides. 

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