Community health starts with loving care for the land. Our four new Radical Real Estate apprentices are doing their part to decommodify, rematriate, and decarbonize the land, by becoming lawyers. They want to reimagine the law to support a radical vision of the future. Will you donate to help us and our legal apprentices bring care back to the land? 


All month, we’re reaching out to our friends, community members, and partners to support our fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $15,000 by the end of October to support our Radical Real Estate Law School apprentices and our other work to democratize and decolonize land. All month long we’ll be sharing stories, resources, and new ideas from our RRELS apprentices. Finally, we’re closing out the campaign with five special #RadicalRealEstateWeek events. 

Guest Speakers


Oct 26th - MCLE: Recognizing Implicit Bias in Land Law Practice
Oct 27th - Legal Cafe
Oct 27th - Radical Homeowner Workshop Part 1
Oct 28th - Radical Homeownership Workshop Part 2 (MCLE)
Oct 29th - Panel and Fishbowl Conversation: The History of Land Grabs and How to Fight Back


Radical Real Estate Week Sponsors

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$19,810.00 raised
GOAL: $15,000.00

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