Workers Run Oakland… and the world!

Last month Sustainable Economies Law Center energized over thirty people to run on behalf of our organization at the Oakland Running Festival. Our ‘Workers Run Oakland’ campaign raised over $12,000 for workplace democracy, which enabled us to support our Solidarity Fund Recipient, Bay Area Black Worker Center, with ~$600.   

Our goal was to raise awareness about the legal education, advocacy, research, and advice the Law Center provides for community members at the frontlines of worker cooperatives and worker self-directed nonprofits...and have fun doing it! To spread our vision for a worker-run Oakland, we hosted a bunch of events to celebrate all of the wonderful workers we know: 

Our bad-ass runners and walkers spent the months of February and March reaching out to their communities to share why they believed it was important to support the Law Center’s worker cooperatives and worker self-directed nonprofits program.

“I'm running Oakland because I'm a worker and Workers Run Oakland! Well, they should anyways. And the only way to this a reality is by supporting worker ownership and self-direction of the businesses and nonprofits where so many of us spend our days. We need to take ownership over our communities so we have the power to (re)build them to meet our needs instead of just the ones who own stuff.” - Neil Thapar

Thank you to everyone who supported our #WorkersRunOakland campaign by attending our events, running/walking the festival, donating, and spreading the word!

Learn more!

Check out our resources page to learn more about worker-owned cooperatives and worker self-directed nonprofits! We have bite-sized legal guides, full-on books and manuals, and even a bunch of videos to inspire you to cooperatize everything!


We’re grateful for our community's support in Oakland and beyond! (And also, It's not too late to donate to our Workers Run Oakland campaign!)


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