The Worker Coop Act Needs Your Support!

Part of the team that attended committee hearings in Sacramentoto advocate for workplace democracy!

We've come down to the wire!

The 2015 Worker Coop Act passed out of the California Assembly with bi-partisan support and passed out of the California Senate 39 votes to zero! Now it goes to Governor Brown's desk for his signature. BUT, there is still a chance that Governor Jerry Brown won't sign the Worker Coop Act. 

When Governor Brown was campaigning for Mayor of Oakland, he supported the development of more worker cooperatives in the Bay Area. Let's keep Governor Brown consistent with his roots of supporting economic democracy! 

Governor Brown will decide whether to sign the Worker Coop Act in the next two weeks! Please, click here to download our template letter of support and mail (yes, snail mail!) your letter of support to Governor Brown by Tuesday, July 28th. 

The address is on the template letter, but just to be safe, here it is again:

TO: Governor Jerry Brown
      Attention: Graciela Castillo-Krings
      Legislative Affairs Unit 
      State Capitol, Suite 1173
      Sacramento, CA 95814

From all of us at the California Worker Cooperative Policy Coalition, thank you!

The California Worker Cooperative Policy Coalition!

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