Speculative Nonfiction: Re-writing Law in an Interdependent World

If you love sci-fi, fantasy, and other speculative fiction, chances are you love futuristic world-building and supernatural elements. What if we made more space for daydreaming, re-imaginings, and inventions in the real world? 

If our systems of law and property were designed around a flawed worldview of separation and dominance, then what does it look like if we rebuild them on a foundation of interdependence? Bring your imagination! 

Sustainable Economies Law Center staff, interns, and partners will share about our on-the-ground work and visions for the future. We’ll also do some small group visioning and then turn our collective story about the future into a sci-non-fi blog post or video!

Guest Speakers: 

Christopher J. Chew | Co-Director of Cooperative 4 the Community

Chris (they/them) was born and raised in Oakland, where they consumed a LOT of sci-fi and fantasy. They use their imagination to dream up unique solutions to the world's problems. For example, when the Community Democracy Project needed a way to pay signature gatherers to help with the People's Budget Amendment Campaign, Chris co-founded Cooperative 4 the Community to create the first worker-owned signature gathering firm.

Hope Williams | Co-Director and Legal Apprentice of Radical Real Estate Law School 

Hope (she/her) is a legal apprentice at the Sustainable Economies Law Center! She is excited to finally begin her path to becoming an attorney advocate that helps black and brown marginalized communities. Devoted to housing rights and organizing people power to fight the oppressive white supremacist regime, Hope spends most of her time making sure that the law is accessible to the people.

Victoria Jin Yu | Member of the Community Democracy Project

Victoria (she/her) works at Design Action Collective and spends her free time reading/writing fantasy fiction and volunteering at the Community Democracy Project on a campaign to put the entire city budget in the hands of the people. Every other week, she combines those two passions and plays D&D with a group of Oakland activists, cooperators, and organizers. 

Yeji Jung | Intern at the Sogorea Te' Land Trust and Sustainable Economies Law Center

Yeji (she/they) is a Korean American immigrant woman continuously learning their histories and connecting with their ancestors. They connect the land struggle on the Korean peninsula to land struggles everywhere, especially where they reside, and join movements for liberation with a growing understanding of Indigenous sovereignty as environmental justice in the face of the global climate/capitalist crisis. They strive to show up for community in various roles, including artist, organizer, Korean political pungmul drummer, law student, and gardener learning Korean farming. At SELC, they are working with Sogorea Te' Land Trust to support the rematriation of Lisjan Ohlone land.


We will have an ASL interpreter working at this event.

If you need Spanish Language interpretation, please email Tia ([email protected]) with Subject Line "Interpretation Request - for [mm/dd/yyyy] event." We will do our best to accommodate your request.

July 21, 2021 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm PDT
Grace Ouyang Joanna Kaufman Mohit Mookim Avery James Steckley Lee Lida Shao S Merriman-Roberts Elizabeth Cave Howard Silverman Kelsey Reid Amanda Cortes Srinidhi Sampath Kumar Alice Okm Joanne Cheung jiyoung carolyn park Taylor Bazajou Teju Adisa-Farrar María Giménez Natalie Johnson Lisa Beem Natalie Romero Akilah Browne Cheryl Markham Alana D'Attilio Thảo Lê Analise Sesay Iris Starr Arjuna da Silva Sean Tai Erin Mcclarty Eric Pierce Cade Underwood Jonathan Yang Keely Byrne Yuval Yossefy Lucero Ramos Charlotte Rivard-Hoster Elena Ferguson Alison Chopel Alan Webb Madison Gray Lauren Verseman

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