Sarah Kaplan

Licensed in California and Illinois

Sarah serves cooperatives and other small businesses that are starting up or raising capital, in Illinois and California.

Sarah Kaplan is an attorney licensed in California and Illinois, focusing on legal structuring, transactions, and capital-raising for cooperatives and other mission-driven enterprises. Sarah started a law practice serving cooperatives in 2012, and in 2021 she joined Cutting Edge Counsel, a California-based firm that plays a leading role in helping mission-driven enterprises to access non-traditional forms of capital-raising. Sarah has served a wide range of cooperatives, including worker, consumer, agricultural, cannabis, platform, investment, and multi-stakeholder co-ops. Sarah regularly guides clients through the design and compliance aspects of capital-raising, including fund formation.

Sarah has been part of the Fellows program of the Sustainable Economies Law Center since 2013. Sarah graduated magna cum laude from Chicago-Kent College of Law in 2010, and has an A.B. in Ecology from Princeton University. Sarah has previously lived in Chicago and the East Bay Area of California, and now lives in St. Louis, Missouri. You can reach Sarah at [email protected].

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