How can people-powered solutions build community wealth?

We launched our #PeoplePoweredEconomies campaign exactly two weeks ago and the response has been incredible: $19,365 raised and our community of members has grown to over 150 people! This is what a people-powered economy looks like - resourcing our movements from the bottom up. Thank you to everyone who has pitched in already! If you haven’t yet, there’s still time - join us today and help us raise $30k in 30 days!

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At the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC), we believe that enterprises and assets should be owned and controlled by the communities that depend on them for their livelihoods, sustenance, and ecological well-being. Business as usual is not working: profit-driven development is displacing many communities and income inequality has reached its worst levels in decades. We need #PeoplePoweredEconomies where workplaces are owned and democratically controlled by their workers and community members. Learn more about SELC’s Cooperatives Program here.

Oakland Worker Coop Resolution at Oakland City Hall!

It takes a people-powered organization to create people-powered businesses! Become a member or increase your support to help the Sustainable Economies Law Center deepen the impact of our cooperative development tools and create resources that enable entrepreneurs to start cooperatives themselves! Your donation will help us:

  • Provide our Worker Coop Academy to more entrepreneurs and low-income community members across the Bay Area;

  • Build a national online resource library of legal tools for worker owned businesses;

  • Create the first accredited community college course on cooperative entrepreneurship in California;

  • Advance city and state policies that support the creation and growth of democratically run, worker-owned businesses; and much more!

Your partnership this month has extra impact. 10% of every donation this month will go to support two of our incredible grassroots partners doing great work to advance #PeoplePoweredEconomies in their communities: Cooperation Richmond and Planting Justice.

cooperation-richmond-logo-2-01.jpg Planting Justice!

And if you become a new member with a recurring donation or increase your existing membership,* the Fund 4 Democratic Communities will match your gift with $100! Become a member today!

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