Living & Breathing Interdependence

If you look for it, there is evidence of our interdependence everywhere. And the more we see it and live into it, the happier we are. How can we begin to recognize and live from interdependence every day and in all parts of our lives? This session will include a series of offerings from some of our spiritual and social movement teachers: prayers, meditations, stories, and song to immerse us in interdependence, priming our minds and bodies for the month of exploration and learning.

We will have an ASL interpreter working at this event.

If you need Spanish Language interpretation, please email Tia ([email protected]) with Subject Line "Interpretation Request - for [mm/dd/yyyy] event." We will do our best to accommodate your request.

July 07, 2021 at 12:30pm - 1:30pm PDT
Mk Anderson Taylor Ovca Christine Hernandez Mai Nguyen Neil Thapar Kelsey Reid Richard Starling Mwende Hinojosa Steve Ediger chris tittle yeji jung Marie Gunter Natalie Johnson Austin Cole Diana Boeke Haleh Zandi Lauren Verseman Lisa Beem christine Reid Natalie Romero Akilah Browne Jasper Smith Phyllis Guillory Alana D'Attilio Thảo Lê Alyssa Otieno Crystal Huang Erin Mcclarty Eric Pierce Jorge Rivera Ben Angel Brooke Black Cade Underwood Tara Vassefi Keely Byrne Ysabel Jurado Wholehearted Bookkeeping George Brown Julia Barry Michelle Greenwood My’Kal Lofton Katie Sharar Tiffany Niu Geneva Rojas Laura Oldanie Rebecca Sapolsky Gabriel Cole Nadia Mohamed

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