Working to support people and social enterprises that strengthen communities and cultivate a healthy environment. 

Nico Lustig is an attorney at the mission-based Vermont law firm Dunkiel Saunders Elliott Raubvogel and Hand, PLLC.  Nico entered the legal profession with a deeply rooted background in cooperative management, food business consulting, and organic agriculture.  Nico helps many businesses, mainly farmers, food entrepreneurs, and community-based enterprises, as they move through the life cycle of business creation, growth, and succession.  Nico’s legal practice includes a special focus on supporting businesses as they navigate the Food and Drug Administration, U.S.D.A, Federal Trade Commission, and local regulatory landscapes.  She also provides legal services for community land trusts, renewable energy developers, and producers of green consumer goods.  Nico has a J.D. and Master’s in Food and Agriculture Law and Policy from Vermont Law School.  She earned a BA in business and food systems studies from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  Nico serves on the Board of the Burlington Partnership for a Healthy Community; and as a Trustee of the nonprofit food hub, Red Tomato, an organization that brings domestic fair trade fruits and vegetables from local farms to market.  

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