Supporting and promoting sustainable economic development,communities, protecting legal rights of private employers and employees, workers-owned enterprises for a Solidarity Economy.

Loira Acosta has a Bachelor’s Degree in Labor Relations from the University of Puerto Rico (Magna Cum Laude, 1999). During those years, she was appointed Vice-President of the University of Puerto Rico Athletes’ Association. She also has a Juris Doctor from the University of Puerto Rico School of Law (Cum Laude, 2003). As a labor and employment attorney, Loira has worked with labor organizations, universities, public agencies, employers and employees. As part of her working experience, Loira has been Director of Labor Relations and also a Hearing Officer for the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. She has been part of the legal team for the Puerto Rico Volleyball Federation and the Puerto Rico Track and Field Federation. Since 2008, Loira has been a solo attorney and also founded a Human Resources company. Loira further served in the Board of Directors for the Puerto Rico Institute for People with Disabilities.

Loira is passionate about community service and as such, she became member of the non-profit organization Voz Activa. Loira offers legal counseling to communities as member of Voz Activa. Ricardo Diaz and Loira will become partners in Grupo Legal Acosta & Diaz, L3C (GLAD PR LAW), the first sustainable economies law firm in Puerto Rico to continue offering services in economic development, nonprofit sector law, organization of small and medium businesses especially to Puerto Rico residents in their recovery from the Hurricanes Irma and Maria disasters.

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