Hope Wiliams is a legal apprentice at the Sustainable Economies Law Center! She is excited to finally begin her path to becoming an attorney advocate that helps black and brown marginalized communities. Devoted to housing rights and organizing people power to fight the oppressive white supermacist regime, Hope spends most of her time making sure that the law is accessible to the people.
She graduated from San Francisco State University with a bachelors in Political Science. As the Assistant Director of their legal center, she organized events that revolved around housing, immigration, and mass incarceration. During and after school, Hope worked for one of the most powerful unions in the world: Local 2 UniteHere!. They trained her on how to boycott, organize, and agitate. She has been arrested twice with them. 

In 2019, after her time with the union she became a campaign organizer for socialist tenant’s rights attorney, Dean Preston. After his win she went on to manage two campaigns at the same time. Carolyn Gold became the very first tenant’s rights attorney to ever be elected to the SF Superior Court. Gloria Berry, a fierce unapologetic black woman, was elected to the San Francisco's Democratic County Central Committee, the governing body of the local Democratic Party.

Outside of having fun learning about the law and working with the amazing people at the Law Center, she works for the Bay Area Community Land Trust, serves as a board member for the Harvey Milk Democratic Club, is a member of the Democratic Socialists of America SF chapter, and organizes with both the Housing Rights Committee of San Francisco and the San Francisco Tenants Union. Secretly, she trains people on how to organize coordinated acts of civil disobedience. 

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