East Bay - Support Community Control of Homemade Food!

EAST BAY! WE NEED YOU TO CALL ROB BONTA AND TONY THURMOND: We recommend at least sending a short letter and then following up with a call or two but you can just make phone calls if you are short on time.

We recommend sending a short letter and then following up with phone calls but making phone calls are priority if you are short on time.

Rob Bonta and Tony Thurmond are two progressive leaders who sit on the Assembly Committee on Health, which will take a key vote on the homemade food bill, AB 626, on Tuesday, April 18. We have an opportunity to make a difference by showing support for a community ownership amendment to the homemade food bill!

Call Assemblymember Rob Bonta and/or Tony Thurmond and follow the phone script below. You can also call the Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health, Jim Wood. 

When you call an office, ask to speak to the person who staffs the Assemblymember on the Health Committee about AB 626. If that person is not available when you call, just speak to the person who answered the phone.

Assemblymember Rob Bonta (District includes Alameda, San Leandro, and most of Oakland)

(916) 319-2018

Assemblymember Tony Thurmond (District includes north Oakland, Berkeley, El Cerrito, Albany, Richmond, San Pablo, Pinole, and Hercules)

(916) 319-2015

Assemblymember Jim Wood (Chair of the Assembly Committee on Health)

(916) 319-2002






Phone Script:

My name is ------ -------, and I'm from ------. I am calling to urge the Assembly Committee on Health to amend AB 626 so that it ensures community ownership of web platforms that facilitate the sale of homemade foods. California should further legalize sales of homemade food, but we need to ensure that control and profits in this industry remain in the hands of cooks, eaters, and local organizations - not absentee shareholders and tech company executives. At this critical time in the development of the homemade food industry, we hope that the California legislature will take bold action to prevent the 'Uberization' of the homemade food economy. I ask that the health committee amend AB 626 to include a community ownership provision that would limit web platforms involved in selling homemade food to cook-owned cooperatives and nonprofit organizations.

Thank you!


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