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Policies for Shareable Cities: A Primer for Urban Leaders


Policies for Shareable Cities is the first policy handbook of its kind. It includes 32 recommended policies that enable cities to benefit from the sharing economy in the priority areas of food, jobs, housing, and transportation. Click here to read or download the brief. - The Legal Resource for Urban Farming


The Sustainable Economies Law Center's (SELC) free, comprehensive online legal resource library for urban agriculture. Key topics:

Planning & Zoning                                 Soil
Animals and Livestock                          Employment Law
Food, Ag, and Health Regulations        Water
Liability, Risk, and Insurance                For-Profit Urban Ag
Land Access                                         Building Codes
Homeowners Associations                   Non-Profit Urban Ag

Many thanks to the our volunteer researchers and volunteer research attorneys who contributed to this free online resource for urban farmers. View the eResource at


Tiny House Ecovillage Teach-In Series


Click here to view or download the powerpoint presentation by East Bay Cohousing's Betsy Morris.


Community Renewable Energy Webinar

Community renewable energy is clean, small-scale, and owned or sponsored by communities. That's why it creates democratic, resilient energy grids with distributed economic benefits. SELC’s expert panelists discuss the legal barriers, policy opportunities, and steps to creating a new energy future. Click here to watch the webinar.


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