Brett Heeger

Licensed in California

Supporting community wealth-building through creative fundraising, cooperatives, and structuring businesses for impact, inclusion, and growth

Brett is an attorney with a passion for community economic development, social enterprise, and neighborhood-level work. He supports a wide range of client companies, leveraging legal tools to support all of their goals from profit and growth, to impact and inclusion. Brett has substantial experience in securities laws, leading clients through the process of planning for and bringing investment into their companies. From designing and managing friends and family rounds or direct public offerings (DPOs), to negotiating venture investments and exit opportunities, Brett prides himself on his ability to work with clients to find the right investment tools and opportunities to position their business for success.

Brett is a partner at Gundzik Gundzik Heeger LLP, is a boutique, full-service, corporate and securities firm serving clients primarily in Southern California. Brett leads the firm's social enterprise and worker-owned cooperative efforts, and regularly presents and advises on legal matters for new and existing co-ops and social-impact minded businesses.

Brett lives in LA with his partner, their son, and their mostly good dog. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and Brown University.

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