Alix Devendra

Licensed in Oregon, Washington, and California

Heart-centered lawyer serving purpose-driven businesses who want to bring consciousness to how they structure their relationships, address conflict, and navigate transitions

Alix is the owner of Aligned Law, a Portland-based law firm that provides legal counsel to purpose-driven organizations. Alix sees her role as a bridge builder, connecting the old world we are leaving behind with the new paradigm that is now emerging. 

Before becoming a lawyer, Alix worked in a variety of sectors ranging from luxury goods to nonprofits, and in all of them she found the organizations to be dysfunctional. After law school she practiced corporate employment law, helping companies navigate the complex web of laws and regulations—many of which were written for a world that no longer exists. This experience led her to conclude that the way we work is fundamentally broken and that the legal system is part of the problem. 

These insights caused Alix to step away from law practice for a few years to learn more about organizational development, systems design, and to do personal growth work—spurred in large part by her transition to motherhood. After learning about several of the interrelated movements emerging in this space—such as B Corps,, Presencing Institute, ResponsiveOrg, Teal and Zebras Unite—she concluded that she could best serve this paradigm shift by returning to law practice and helping these groups structure new ways of being in relationship with each other and the earth. 

Although located in Portland, Alix is licensed in California, Oregon and Washington and enjoys collaborating virtually both with clients and co-counsel. Alix graduated first in her class from Case Western Reserve University School of Law and holds an undergraduate degree in French from Pomona College.

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