Why I’m asking you to donate $10 instead of $100

Written by Tia Katrina Taruc-Myers, Director of Legal Education

For our #PeoplePoweredLaw campaign, I set a personal goal of recruiting 10 Community Members to donate $10 per month as opposed to recruiting 10 donors to donate $100 today. Here’s a few reasons why:

1) Receiving Many Small Donations Makes Our Budget More “People-Powered” 

Check out the section on financial transparency on our mission page here. As you can see, we’re primarily grant-funded. But as many other nonprofits could also attest to, grant funding can be here one day and gone the next.

A few foundations give to us yearly, but a lot of them are just for one time projects. That means we can’t count on them as a steady source of income every year. In contrast, monthly donors tend to continue giving.

2) Monthly Giving Saves Us Money Over the Long Run

When Community Members sign up for monthly donations, they show their commitment to supporting our work. That means less staff time spent on asking them for donations, and more time spent on organizing teach-ins and providing legal advice to folks who want to secure permanently affordable housing, establish community owned solar project, and worker-owned businesses!

July 25, 2019 Resilient Communities Legal Cafe at Acta Non Verba, Teach-In on Opportunity Zones

3) Donating $10 per Month Instead of $100 Today is Better for You!

Contributions that are spread out in monthly increments facilitates better cash flow for our donors. Not only that, we offer exclusive perks for those who sign up as Community Members! We provide discounts on events like our day-long Social Enterprise Seminar and also unlimited access to our Continuing Legal Education videos

Please sign up here

But Also... If You Can Donate More than $10 per Month, Please Do!😂


Thanks to our Partners and Collaborators: