Think Outside the Boss Part Three: Getting the Green (East Oakland)

Intro to Securities Law & How Money Flows through a Cooperative

Cooperative Workshops for the Black Community

Think Outside the Boss provides community members an introduction into the nuts and bolts of starting and running a cooperatively owned business. We go over legal issues in an accessible way to help you understand the relationships between cooperatives, employment, and community wealth-building.

If you are an African American entrepreneur starting a business, an existing business owner thinking about succession plans and you have Black workers, or an existing worker coop with black worker-members looking for a refresher, this training is for you! >>> RSVP BELOW!

We'll be presenting sections of Think Outside the Boss over multiple sessions over the next few months. Our third teach-in will cover:

  • What laws do you have to understand before raising money for your cooperative?

  • What is a security and why should you care?

  • What are alternative ways of funding the growth and operations of your cooperative?

  • How does money flow through a cooperative business?

  • What are the tax and accounting issues in a cooperative?

In collaboration with the Repaired Nations and Acta Non Verba, we are providing regular teach-ins that go through our legal guide for starting and operating worker cooperatives, Think Outside the Boss

Food and drinks provided!

Think Outside the Boss for the Black Community

Attorneys, artists, law students, and experienced cooperative professionals will give short presentations on legal issues, governance structures, financing, cooperative conversion, and more! At the event, we will have bound copies of the Think Outside the Boss manual for paying attendees! You can also download it for free prior to the event here

This event is being sponsored by the San Francisco Foundation, Cooperation Richmond and Repaired Nations.

Thank you!

June 27, 2019 at 6:00pm - 8pm
Acta Non Verba Lounge
1001 83rd Ave
Oakland, CA 94621
United States
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