The Future of Work: Nourishing Life Giving Labor

The Future of Work Nourishing Life Giving Labor

We envision a world where every person has a choice in how they work — where our survival is not dependent on our labor; where cooperation and liberation are embedded in the workplace; where the expansion of care is a universal, unconditional social good.

Starting on May 1st, Sustainable Economies Law Center is hosting a month of events for movement lawyers, labor organizers, social justice organizations, law students, legal apprentices, solidarity economy practitioners and activists who are interested in learning about ways we can create supportive structures for liberatory workplaces within the labor and cooperative movements and beyond. 

We’ll be sharing stories, resources, and new ideas to honor labor that expands community care and survival within and beyond capitalism.

Help us raise $25,000 this month to support this important work. 10% of your support will go directly to our Solidarity Partner, Somos Tierra Campesino Collective!

Somos Tierra Campesino Collective is a group of migrant campesinos in Sonoma County, California working to incubate a farmworker-owned farming enterprise and acquire the land base for long-term sustainability and power-building.

The Collective has three goals:

1) Creating a culturally appropriate entity that can hold land

2) Securing and transferring land to the collective as a form of reparations

3) Supporting the land-endowed entity to design and build their culturally appropriate worker-led organization that will farm and steward the land

The bulk of agricultural workers in California to this day are still migrant farmworkers, but the sustainable agriculture movement overlooks them as critical partners in the journey towards food systems transformation. Liberating labor is a form of liberating the land. When farmworker communities are allowed to determine their own work and synchronize it with the health and wellbeing of the land, then the land can be free.

We honor the labor that invigorates and replenishes life and relationships and makes work more pleasurable and meaningful. We dream of a future where our work  nourishes all life.


All month, we’re inviting our friends, neighbors, community members, and partners to support our grassroots fundraising campaign. Our goal is to raise $25,000 by the end of May! Your donation will support our work creating immigrant owned cooperatives, creating democratic loan funds to create cooperatives that push back against colonialism, cooperatives in prison owned by the prisoners to honor their work and labor, and ecosystems that support a just transition that recognizes the need to both resist and build. 


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