(formerly Subin Varghese)

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Subin directs the Sustainable Economies Law Center's Community Renewable Energy Program, engaging in outreach and advocacy to transition communities away from fossil fuel-based energy, without using predominant business models that result in widening gaps between the rich and poor. He is leading the Law Center's effort to ensure that it is primarily communities, nonprofits, cooperatives, and households -- not large utilities -- that will own and control energy infrastructure as society transitions to renewable energy.

Subin grew up in Alief, Texas, a diverse community in southwest Houston. After studying business and government at the University of Texas, Subin spent four years working in the Washington, DC area within the field of nonprofit communications. He first worked for the Tahirih Justice Center, a legal advocacy organization for immigrant women fleeing violence, and then M+R Strategic Services, a consulting firm serving nonprofit organizations. Subin received his JD from the UC Berkeley School of Law, where he founded the Sustainability Team @ Berkeley Law and served as a co-coordinator for Students for Economic and Environmental Justice as well as the Berkeley Law Mindfulness Group. In addition to participating in various service and research projects while at Berkeley law, he interned at Communities for a Better Environment, the Center for Biological Diversity, and the Natural Resources Defense Counsel.

Subin is passionate about building hope that humanity can respond to climate change in an equitable and transformational manner.


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