September 2023 Newsletter: Seeds of Land Return sprouting!

September 2023 Newsletter

The movements for rematriation, reparations, and land justice are beginning to realize dreams many generations in the making. 

Back in June, Sogorea Te’ Land Trust announced they have partnered with Movement Generation to rematriate 43 acres to Indigenous care, in the unceded Bay Miwok territory of the San Francisco East Bay Area! MG and Sogorea Te’ liberated the land title from the speculative market, with Sogorea Te’ now holding the deed. We at the Law Center are proud to have supported the process, providing legal advice to both MG and Sogorea Te’ to help them create long-term agreements together for care of the land. Imagine how MG and Sogorea Te’ will restore peoples’ relationships with land and how this new land base will make space to experiment together to create liberated futures!

If you want to support MG’s Free the Land Campaign to build the Justice & Ecology Center visit If you’re curious about how to liberate land back into the hands of loving land stewards, check out our Seeds of Land Return Toolkit. Sogorea Te' also made a beautifully designed version of Seeds of Land Return!

What does it feel like to be liberated with the Land? The Law Center, in partnership with The Cultural Conservancy, have brought together a network of deep-rooted Indigenous and Black led organizations — including  Sogorea Te’ Land Trust, The Nest, Shelterwood Collective, Movement Generation, and EARTHseed Farm — to create a film that will focus on Indigenous and Black land steward circles in the East Bay and Sonoma County living into the dream of rematriation and reparations.

Participatory Narrative Workshop Blog

This film aims to activate and embody a 100-year vision for land justice in the Bay Area articulated in a 2019 convening we co-organized at Occidental Arts and Ecology Center. It will amplify the work of the circles central to this moment, this place, this movement. If you want to read more about how the film is being collectively shaped, check out our blog post, “Indigenous and Black Land Justice Film: Participatory Narrative Workshop.”

Dorian appointed to Agricultural Land Equity Task Force Members

Dorian Payán California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force Members

We’re proud to announce Dorian Payán has been appointed to the inaugural California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force! Dorian is the Land Trust Representative and will develop policy recommendations to equitably increase access to agricultural land for food production and traditional tribal agricultural uses. 

“Increasing democratic land governance is a tool against disenfranchisement, and a necessary foundation for environmental justice…The Land Equity Task Force is a step towards repairing the harms of the past as a way to secure our future.” - Dorian Payán, Director of Holistic Land Relations and Co-Director, Radical Real Estate Law School 

The Task Force was established by California’s State Legislature last year, and will meet every quarter over three years and submit a full report of policy recommendations to the State Legislature and Governor by January 1, 2026.

Democratize Your Orgs Budget Workshop —TOMORROW!

Democratize Your Orgs Budget event link

Erika and Mwende will be presenting TOMORROW at the online conference “Purpose Power Pay - Democratize Your Organizations Budget!".

Decentralized organizations (sociocracy, Holacracy, DAOs, teal organizations, Haier) are growing and becoming more popular — but the financial systems supporting them aren’t always so clear. The conference is a deep dive into ways we can make decisions collectively about salaries, budgets, and the strategies that serve as underpinning for our financial decisions. It’s a crucial topic to build workplaces and movements that work for the people and their purpose. Let’s learn together to figure this out!

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