Year of Return Exchange Trip: Ghana Conference

Repaired Nations is excited to be coordinating a Year of Return Cooperatives Conference in Ghana happening in October 2019. If you would like to learn more about the Year of Return Cooperatives Conference in Ghana, and possibly attend the conference yourself, please continue reading below!

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Repaired Nations

(1) Forging Cooperative Connections between Ghana and the US.

We are organizing a cultural exchange trip that is primarily focused on creating pathways for African Americans to reinvest in Ghana regeneratively, without perpetuating the problems of capitalism. Our cultural exchange invites East African, West African, and U.S. cooperatives to begin dialogue for a co-created equitable development policy for Ghanaian economic development, and beyond. Dialogue is the key to our trip, for only through dialogue can two distanced peoples begin to find synergies between themselves, and only through dialogue can new arrivals to Ghana know what Ghanaians want for Ghana and how to help steward this vision. In partnership with the Ghana Cooperatives Council, we will host a conference in Accra at the National History Museum where attendees will share knowledge and experience while co-creating  equitable development policy.

Dialogue is the key to our trip; it is only through dialogue that two distanced peoples with shared roots can begin to find synergies between themselves, and only through dialogue can new arrivals to Africa know what Africans want for Africa and how to help steward their visions. Co-created equitable development policy can only be built upon discussion, exchange of ideas, and information. This conference will begin, re-establish, and strengthen economic relationships throughout the African Diaspora.

Please email greg(at) to reserve space on the trip, then make your deposit here.

(2) Equitable Cooperative Development Policy

The growing American cohort is a group of cooperative-minded people seeking to learn how Ghanaians in particular, and Africans in general, structure their collective efforts, to offer our experience and expertise to local projects, and to engage critical conversation regarding international cooperative exchange of resources. Attendees will form relationships that bloom into

  1. Cultural content,
  2. Import/export agreements,
  3. Thought partnership, and
  4. Community-owned real estate development uniquely structured to prevent displacement.

As global pressures from capital begin to move more and more Black residents from their homes, repatriating back to West Africa begins to make sense for the financial realities of many displaced people. We seek to build bridges now, and begin dialogue with Ghanaians to understand how capital pressures affect their lives and how an influx of cooperative effort from African Americans can increase their capacity to develop and co-own their own neighborhoods, instead of allowing outside capitalists to determine how neighborhoods are developed based solely on property ownership.

Repaired Nations and Collective Courage

(3) Coast to Culture Podcast

Our podcast, Coast to Culture, will document how cultural exchange attendees are approaching the Year of Return. Each person will give regular updates on how planning for the trip, and participating in the Year of Return has affected them emotionally, financially, interpersonally, and spiritually. Exchange organizers will share knowledge and revelations  from their experience developing the exchange trip. Upon return to the Motherland, Coast to Culture hosts will interview experts in culture, law, business, and cooperative enterprises to help ground the audience in African cooperative business opportunities and how to prepare for international business between the U.S. and West Africa. We will forefront how welcoming Ghanaians are to cooperative business and how well African-Americans are received during the Year of Return.  All of our podcast segments seek to spark engagement with cooperatives about Ghana's open door policy for the African Diaspora.

Repaired Nations

Please email greg(at) to reserve space on the trip, then make your deposit here.


Tentative Ghana Cooperative Exchange Itinerary

October 11 - Arrival Flight

October 12 - Dinner & Artist Exchange

October 13 - Slave Castle Tour 

October 14 - Un-Conference

October 15 - Collective Decision by Attendees

October 16 - Collective Decision by Attendees

October 17 - Collective Decision by Attendees

October 18 - Closing Exchange Reception

October 19 - Departure Flight

October 11, 2019 at 9am - October 14, 2019
University of Ghana, Legon
House No 11 East Legon
Accra, Greater Accra Region
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