Energy transition is inevitable, #PeoplePower is not.

There's not a day to waste. As we approach the summer of 2016, the pace of climate change and the shrinking window to halt it is alarming. But at the same time, the tireless work of defiantly hopeful activists and community members like you has also meant that we are closer today to a more inspiring solution to break free from an extractive economy: community-owned clean energy.

It is clear that every day counts in the shift to a regenerative economy, so at the Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) we've expanded our effort to promote community energy. But we need your help to sustain our work. Donate now to help create people-powered economies where people own and control the energy they need!

Community Cooperative Solar

Beddington Zero Energy Development (BedZED) is a housing development in London.
Designed to create zero carbon emissions, it was the first large scale community to do so.

Your neighbors need a hand. Community-owned renewable energy offers a clean alternative for the more than 50 percent of households that can’t own rooftop solar, including those who are renters, have shaded roofs, or cannot afford their own solar panels. But there are simply very few legal professionals with expertise in both renewable energy and community ownership models, so the lack of access to legal support is crippling the community energy movement. We need your support to change this and make legal resources readily available to communities that need it most.

Become a member today and you’ll help us advance economic justice and speed the transition to clean energy by enabling us to:

  • Develop a legal guide to building community-owned energy projects

  • Offer in-person and virtual trainings on community energy legal issues

  • Provide legal advice to frontline communities building community energy facilities, and more!

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It doesn't happen without you. Join us now to people power the transition to renewable energy while building community wealth where it's needed most!

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