A Menu of Policies for Resilient Economies

Ready to spearhead some legislation in your city or state? The Sustainable Economies Law Center (SELC) is building a rich menu of policy proposals for you. 

Here are a few policies to get you started:

State Seed Sharing Legislation: Ready to spearhead seed sharing legislation in your state? Here are the basics: State legislation to remove legal barriers to seed sharing activities and organizations. This policy proposal explicitly exempts non-commercial seed sharing activities, like seed libraries and seed swaps, from regulation under commercial state seed laws. This amendment to state seed laws will ensure that labeling, permitting, and testing requirements do not apply to non-commercial seed sharing. Click here to learn more.

City Worker Cooperative Ordinance: Ready to spearhead a worker cooperative ordinance in your city? Here are the basics: A city policy to implement incentives for the creation of new worker cooperatives and conversion of conventional businesses to worker cooperatives. The policy will create and develop sources of tailored technical assistance for worker cooperatives, facilitate the integration of worker cooperatives into the supply chains of the city and other local institutions, and establish a revolving loan fund for financing worker cooperatives. Click here to learn more.

State Securities Legislation to Build Local Economies: Ready to spearhead local economies securities legislation in your state? Here are the basics: State legislation to open doors to raising capital for a variety of projects and enterprises necessary to promoting economic and ecological resilience, including community-supported agriculture programs, small farms, agricultural land trusts, cooperatives, renewable energy, and small businesses. Click here to learn more

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